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Lavor Needles

Small Lavor Punch Needle - Rug Punch Needle

Small Lavor Punch Needle - Rug Punch Needle

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Small Lavor Punch Needle Embroidery - Small Punch Needle for embroidery Floss - Adjustable Punch Needle, Tapestry Needle

The Lavor Punch Needle it's made in Europe with high quality recycled plastic handle.

This Small Lavor Punch Needle have 3 needles of different diameters: 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm, the length of each needle is approximately 55 mm.
The handle measures approximately 75mm and is equipped with a punch depth and tightening adjustment wheel. This needle is adjustable and allows you to make loops of different sizes with each needle.

It's a lightweight tool that fits in the hand, so it is a pleasure and very manageable to use. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, it will delight you and will allow you to quickly obtain very pretty embroidery.

The needle also includes a thread threaders, essential for passing the thread through the punch needle.

With the 3mm needles I created from cushion covers to coasters, using cross stitch embroidery thread (with 6 strands) to fine wool.

With the Small Lavor Punch Needle I used Aida 16 in (Cross Stitch Fabric) and linen fabric and it's easy and consistent holding the loop.

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